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Find a reliable air conditioning repair service Dubai at JA Renovation. Count on the best air conditioner repair service available from our team of experts. You may get any service you need for your air conditioner in a matter of minutes, from a simple checkup to the replacement of individual components.

What You Need to Know About the Air Conditioning Repair Service at JA Renovation

JA Renovation is Dubai’s largest online marketplace, and we’re here to provide you with whatever assistance you may need. We offer a service that fixes all varieties of issues with air conditioners. Our technicians are highly trained and reliable, so you can trust them to fix your air conditioner properly.

Solutions Obtainable

  • AC Checkup
  • AC Standard Maintenance
  • Exceptional Availability of AC Alternating Current Gas Charge
  • Setting up Air Conditioning Services Relocating
  • Installation of an AC Compressor
  • Dismantling AC Washing Machine with a Built-In Jet Washer and
  • Air Conditioner Air conditioning maintenance and repair

Maintaining Consistency:

AC The only thing you get with a checkup is a professional technician looking over your AC and making a diagnosis of the problem.

The primary diagnostic, filter cleaning, testing, and identification of faults are all part of an AC technician’s basic service.

The air conditioning gas cost includes an inspection of the system operation and re-gasping. Generally, if there is a leak, the AC can be rectified on the spot, though in rare cases, it may take longer. It’ll take you a day or two to accomplish that.

Detail cleaning of indoor and outdoor units, as well as minor problem solving, is provided by AC Master Service (excluding materials and parts). The cost of the service depends on factors such as the size, weight, and complexity of the delivery.

When you hire us for our “AC Water Drop Solution,” we’ll come to your house, inspect your air conditioner, and determine the cause of the water leak. You will be responsible for the cost of any additional materials or parts.

Here, we’ll move your air conditioner from one floor to another, or from one building to another, and finally to the truck. This service is subject only to the service fee. The cost of the service depends on factors such as the size, weight, and complexity of the delivery.

AC Compressor Replacement and Gas Recharge entails taking out your old compressor and putting in your new one. Both the cost and duration of a compressor’s guarantee will change depending on who makes it.

A washing machine with an air conditioner and a jet washer Inside and out, the Jet Wash team thoroughly cleans and even fixes small issues using its state-of-the-art Jet Wash Machine (excluding materials and parts). The cost of service is based on factors such as AC size, height, weight, and degree of difficulty.

Air conditioner disassembly includes removing the unit from your house or business and cutting power to it.

This service provides an option to have a new AC capacitor installed. The cost and guarantee of capacitors change depending on who makes them.

This service will fix your air conditioner’s circuits if they are malfunctioning. Manufacturers’ warranties and prices for circuit boxes vary widely.

Why Us?

We make it easy and convenient for you to schedule AC repair service. Our skilled service providers make it easy for you to transport your air conditioner from one place to another. The service provider we send your way will arrive right at your front door.


Hiring a competent AC repair service will cost you the same as or less than hiring a comparable service in your area. Expert air conditioning repairmen will be supplied by our service providers.

Our service providers employ only the most qualified HVAC repair technicians, who are both discreet and experienced. The people who worked with them had their histories meticulously examined. Our technicians guarantee a risk-free air conditioning repair service. This ensures that any repairs they make will be handled carefully.


If you do not use the service, you will only be responsible for the service fee, which will include the cost of any necessary materials or parts.

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